6x9: No Way Out

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Rick and the rest of the group find themselves surrounded by walkers. Alexandria is not an option anymore. The worst is coming


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By far, No Way Out is one of the best TWD's episodes. A part of the group lead by Daryl is intercepted in the highway and asked to hand over all their weapons. Meanwhile, Alexandria is full of walkers and Rick and the rest of the group try to stay alive.

The group that attacks Daryl, Sasha and Abraham is led by a man named Negan, who is not present at the moment. While Sasha and Abraham distract the bikers, Daryl manages to plan an attack. All of sudden, an epic moment happens: Daryl uses a rocket launcher to make everyone on a bike explode. Just perfect, right?

In Alexandria things doesn't turn out that well. While Rick's group walks through the streets covered with guts, Sam freezes when he sees a young boy turned. Her mom asks him to keep walking, but that's not gonna happen: Sam is bitten and Jessie, his mother, panics and is bitten to death by walkers. When Ron picks up the gun Jessie just dropped, Michonne attacks him and an accidental gunfire hits Carl in the eye.

Interesting facts: is Carl going to survive? He might be the second character in the show to use an eyepatch. Did you notice how Rick cuts Jessie's hand? Tough decision to make.

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