6x6: Always Accountable

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On their long way back home (Alexandria), Daryl, Sasha and Abraham confront several obstacles that might put their return on the line


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Always Accountable is the sixth episode from season 6. In case you don't remember, the group is trying to get a huge herd of walkers away from Alexandria. This is a massive operation and everyone in the team has their assignment. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha must lead the walkers away down the road.

When the three of them are just driving and moving forward, an ambush takes place and a group of strangers (three in total) manage to take Daryl and his belongings away from Sasha and Abraham. Some time later, Daryl meets his captors and tries to help them but doesn't work out well: the three of them take his bike and leave him by himself.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Sasha waiting on a near-located town. As they're just waiting for Daryl to appear, it's a good time to have a talk. We alll like to think there is something going between the two of them and seeing and hearing Abraham vulnerable is really tender. What will do Sasha about this?

Interesting facts:  do you remember what we told you about the cherokee rose? In case you don't remember, episode 4 from season 2 titles after that flower and is algo the kind of rose Daryl gives to Carol when looking for Sophia. In this episode, the one with the cherokee rose is a walker. Did you notice that the knife used by Daryl is from Beth?

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