6x12: Not Tomorrow

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In this chapter, we'll see Alexandria and the Hilltop joining forces in order to face the upcoming battle. In the meantime, Carol faces her issues.


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Not Tomorrow is the twelfth episode of The Walking Dead's season 6. Rick and the rest of the group need to make sure they're safe and start a plan to directly attack the Saviors.

The building in Hilltop is fully secured and guarded by several men. While Rick, Daryl and the others try to enter the facilities, Carol and Maggie stay away from the action (Maggie is pregnant and she can't be put at risk). The first part of the plan works perfectly as the group enters the building and kills several members of The Saviors.

When the group is inside the building and the battle seems over, an alarm is triggered. We can see daylight and one of the Saviours trying to escape. This man is called Primo and Daryl beats him really hard. However, when execution is about to happen, a voice is heard on Primo's walkie-talkie: who is that? It's a woman from The Saviours claiming to be in control of Carol and Maggie.

Interesting facts: did you like the soundtrack of this episode? The songs are called Weeds or Wild Flowers by Parsonsfield and Arsonist's Lullabye, by Holzer. In case you didn't notice, this was the first time Glenn killed a living person.

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