5x16: Conquer

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Daryl experiments some problems while going on a raid. Meanwhile, Rick and the rest of group doesn't feel comfortable in Alexandria. Final episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season!


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Conquer is the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead. The group is currently staying in Alexandria but the situation is far from being perfect. Deanna and her group are not aware of how hard is the world outside the walls and Rick must do something about it.

In "Try", the previous episode, Rick beats Pete and tells the villagers they can't be safe with the behavior they currently have. Suddenly, Michonne knocks Rick down and the episode ends. Now Rick is ready to talk with all the citizens, he must apologize. After Rick killing some walkers, the meeting takes place and everything looks just fine. However, Pete shows up drunk and with the purpose of killing Rick. Reg tries to stop hiim and Pete accidentally kills Reg with Michonne's katana.

We have another great finale. Deanna, holding a dying Reg in his arms, says the magic words: "Do it". Rick instantly takes his gun out and shoots Pete in the head. While his gun is still smoking someone says: "Rick?". Yes, you're right: Morgan is back again.

Interesting facts: this is not the first time Michonne's katana is the weapon that makes something good day: it's algo responsible for Hershel's death.

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