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Rick, Michonne and Carl go to Rick's hometown to get some supplies and ammo for facing the Governor. In the town, Rick finds an old friend, as Michonne and Carl look after an object of great value.


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Clear is one of the most remarkable episodes on the season as it contains some important events.

In the first place, Rick and Carl go back to King County, their hometown, along with Michonne. The three of them run into Morgan, who is about to go crazy as he lost his son and is alone. After speaking with Rick he decides not to join the group and keep living in the town.

On the other hand, Michonne turns into a central character as she starts growing a relationship with Carl and even Rick. Besides, Michonne confess Rick she knows he's seeing death people in his allucinatios and tries to sympathizes with Rick by telling she happens to see her ex-boyfriend.

Interesting facts: while in the comic books Morgan decides to join Rick, this doesn't happen in the series.Do you think it will happen in the future? Who knows, maybe Morgan changes his mind...

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