2x7: Pretty Much Dead Already

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This time, Glenn will tell the group what was being hidden from them. How will the group react?


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Pretty Much Dead Already is the mid-season finale episode of season 2 and it contains one of the most important events so far: Hershel's barn is full of alive walkers and he's completely aware of that.

Glenn is the first one of the group to realize all the walkers are held alive in purpose. While Maggie did know this for a while, the group must consider new options. Shane confronts Carol as her daughter might be dead but Daryl believes he's really close to find her. On the other hand, Rick speaks with Hershel and they both try to find a solution to the situation.

The episode's end is just terrific: a walker slowly leaves the barn and walks towards the group. She's a kid and we all know her: it's Sophia. There is only one thing to be done, and that's shooting the walker in the middle of the head.

Some interesting facts: two final scenes were shooted for this episode. The alternate ending included an alive version of Sophia representing what the group wanted to see. The huge killing at the barn was baptized by Glen Mazzera as the "Barn-aggedon". Finally, this ending was already told on the episode "Bloodletting" as Sophia's dead appearance was what Carol feared the most.

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