2x4: Cherokee Rose

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As Carl starts to heal, the group will stay together and focus on finding Sophia


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Cherokee Rose is a very important episode from TWD's season 2. We will talk a little about the main events.

Firstly, Otis funeral takes place and Shane shows up in a strange mood. Do you remember Shane is responsible for Otis death, right? Meanwhile, Carl awakes, keeps recovering and asks for Sophia location. No one knows where the tirl is, but Daryl is positive about finding Sophia and gives Carol a cherokee rose.

On the other hand, Lori asks Shane not to leave the group, but soon after she realizes she's pregnant. How will handle Lori this situation? Maggie and Gleen go to a nearby town and they have an intimate meeting.

Interesting fact: the cherokee rose can be found in the State of Georgia and according to the legend, is the product of a cherokee mother's tears after losing a daughter.

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